Groundbreaking News!

Happy Spring 🌸 Thanks for coming back to catch up on how the custom home building project is going. Today marks month 10 but technically we’re only a few weeks into construction. Yep, you read that correctly:) We have broken ground folks! The past few months have been frustrating and exciting. After purchasing the land […]

Permits Loading…

Happy New Year!  Welcome to January, or month 7 since we made the decision to build. Throughout 2021 the housing market continued to worsen and inventory of existing homes is at an all time low. Prices for what is available are higher than ever. It feels like a ton has happened since my last blog […]

So Much To Learn;<br> So Frustrated About It

It’s been about two months since my first blog post about the custom home my husband and I are building. While that post was more than a month ago, we actually began talking with our builder and the architect four months ago. In that blog I told you that we fired architect #1 and moved […]

Home Sweet Home

I consider myself a fairly experienced home buyer, so buying and selling “round six” should be a breeze. Until I decided to build this time around… And we’re not just building new, we’re opting for a custom built home. I wish I could say we’re investing in our forever home, in the location of our […]