I have been fortunate enough to have Kia in my network for over 5 years - she's woven in and out of my life in many ways, most notably as an incredible inspiration, sounding board, and sometimes guest panelist/speaker for various events we've hosted (and client, friend, mentor, superhero). She has somehow managed to strike that balance of creating a rocketship career, while staying grounded and accessible - a true example of leadership. She lends her voice and platform to lift others, she makes the time and has an endless well of energy to invest in herself and those of us around her. Her career speaks for itself, but the human behind the career is the real magic.

Mikal C. Harden
Co-Founder, Juno Search Partners

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kia since 2009. At her core, Kia is an inspiring leader who thoughtfully and compassionately brings out the best in individuals, coaching them to become the best version of themselves, pushing them to new levels of performance. Over the years, as our relationship has grown, I have come to value Kia’s determination, resilience, and grit. Her ability to lead and execute change is rivaled only by her ability to think strategically and creatively within different contexts and develop solutions that move organizations forward. She is a trusted advisor and a valued member of my personal board.

Jennifer Wiess
Executive MBA Program - Villanova University

Kia Christian is a force for transformation in any organization that she touches. I have had the opportunity to work with her on multiple initiatives with global scope across two large organizations that cover billions of dollars in revenue. In each engagement, Kia has brought a unique balance of executive-level thought leadership and strategic wisdom along with an innate gift to connect with stakeholders in a way that builds bridges and opens new paths and possibilities for scaling up impact and results. Every organization that Kia touches is made measurably better by her leadership and involvement.

Lawrence Cole
Director - Global Sales Enablement, Google

Kia Christian is a highly valued HR Business Partner. Relying on deep and extensive experiences, together we navigated a diverse range of business challenges from building strategies to defend Union organizing attempts to building-out a high performing leadership team that was well positioned to capture outsized market opportunities. Kia is a creative thinker who’s not afraid to challenge the status quo and look for new, innovative ways to tackle complex business problems—and make sure these new ideas are successfully implemented. I thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Kia!

John Sos
President - Materials and Structural Analysis Division, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Kia is profoundly driven by a passion to give of her very best, and rightly challenges all of those around her to do the same. Kia draws on extensive life and work experiences to enable her to cut through complexity very quickly to understand the challenges and opportunities in any group or organisation. Kia thinks and operates at tremendous speed which enables her to drive great results for people and the organisations she works with. It is a privilege to work with someone who you can absolutely trust to name her truth and articulate it with clarity. Kia is therefore someone who is regularly sought out for her wisdom and insights – and you can be sure to have some good laughs along the way.

Charles Irvine
Managing Director - Questions of Difference Limited

I had the pleasure to work with Kia for several years at Thomson Reuters. Kia has a magnetic personality which is backed up with deep business knowledge and the “backbone” to get things done. Kia’s sense of urgency and ability to practically solve problems has been instrumental in her many successes.

Bill O’Shea
Head of Enterprise - FP&A Thomson Reuters

I have had the pleasure of working with Kia in several capacities. She has provided strategic direction and counsel on creating psychological safety, organizational design and development, advancing a diversity, equity, and inclusion agenda, as well as executive coaching. Her ability to ask the right questions in the right sequence and provide practical, evidence-based solutions has helped me create personal and share-holder value

Conrod Kelly
Managing Director MDS Chile - Merck

I was lucky enough to work for Kia during a period where I stepped into an elevated role. Working for someone who embodies the leadership qualities I advocate for and believe in was a blessing at such a transitional period of my career. Kia is enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated to what she does. She is focused, driven and able to read a situation, narrow down the problem and find the solution. She communicates clearly to get the best out of her team. All while leading with empathy.

Lee Gavin
Chief People Officer - Arizent

Genuine, empathetic and passionate are the words that come to mind when I think about the time I worked for Kia. I had the pleasure of working for Kia in her capacity as Division VP for 3 years at Thermo Fisher Scientific during a challenging, enriching and educational time in my career. Kia is a leader who’s not only interested in the company’s top and bottom line, but also in her employees' as individuals and in their professional growth. When the HR team got together, it was business focused, inspiring and always lots of fun! Intelligent, bold, curious and resilient are some of the additional leadership qualities that I associate with her and how she led her team and the business. She was easy to work with, an excellent listener and very approachable. It's rare to work for such an exceptional leader and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kia for any professional endeavor.

Karen Glauser
Regional HR Head - UPL - HEC Paris

Kia has a keen sense for the intersection between business needs and people dynamics. She is pragmatic and creative, an unusual combination. This often allows her to reframe challenges in a way that brings new perspective and insight.

Jo McRell
Communications Leader - Facebook

Working for Kia Christian may have been the turning point in my role as an HR Professional. She sets a strong example of what the role of an HR Leader should be… strategic, ethically sound, able to lead, having a strong understanding of the business, a great communicator and always planning for the future. I learned so much from her leadership and her ability to be assertive and bold in environments where things were always changing. I became a better HR Business Partner because of all that I learned while reporting to her. She is definitely in a league of her own.

Annette Wilson
VP, People & Culture - Shift4 Payments

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